Small Outboard Motors: Electric vs Petrol

Small Outboard Motors: Electric vs Petrol

In this article, we present the top five reasons and scenarios that warrant your consideration for choosing an electric outboard over a small petrol engine.

1. Quiet Operation:

For avid anglers and boating enthusiasts, a quiet motor is invaluable to avoid scaring away fish and enjoy a peaceful boating experience. Electric outboard motors excel in providing silence on the water. Unlike petrol motors that rely on internal combustion, electric outboards operate quietly, emitting minimal noise and vibration. With industry-leading direct drive technology, these motors have fewer moving parts, resulting in next-level quietness. Electric outboards without gears emit approximately 30-60 decibels, while those with gears may reach around 70 decibels. Both options are significantly quieter than combustion engines, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the sounds of nature. If tranquility is a top priority, small electric outboards are the ideal choice, offering a noticeable difference in noise reduction.

2. Lightweight and Portable:

Portability is a crucial consideration when selecting a small boat engine. Both petrol and small electric outboards weigh approximately 9-10 kg for a 3 HP motor. However, it is important to consider additional factors such as fuel weight for petrol outboards and battery packs for electric motors. Small electric outboards often come with built-in batteries, making them more portable and convenient for installation and transportation.

3. Power and Range:

Horsepower can be a limiting factor for lighter or more affordable small outboard motors. Trolling motors, rated by thrust, may struggle to move forward in strong tides or adverse weather conditions, even at maximum speed. For increased power and a sense of security on the water, higher-powered small outboards, such as 2.5 or 3 HP motors, are recommended. These motors offer improved performance and can reach speeds of approximately 4.5 mph, provide up to 5 hours of runtime, and cover a range of 22 miles with a single battery charge.

4. Ease of Use and Maintenance:

Say goodbye to pulling cords and struggling to start the engine. Electric outboard motors are simple to operate, requiring just the press of a button to get started. Designed for a premium user experience, these motors feature built-in tiller handles and convenient digital displays that provide real-time battery status updates. Some small boat motors with direct drive technology are also maintenance-free, saving you time and money. Additionally, electric outboards are eco-friendly, allowing you to contribute to a cleaner environment.

5. Price:

While the initial cost of electric outboard motors may be higher than their petrol counterparts, it's important to view this as an investment. By opting for electric motors, you gain a superior user experience and enjoy savings on fuel costs and maintenance fees in the long run. It's worth exploring different options and conducting research to find equipment that suits your budget without compromising quality.

In conclusion, small outboard motors offer convenience and an enhanced boating experience. Electric outboard motors, in particular, provide numerous benefits compared to petrol-powered engines. The absence of internal combustion in electric motors results in quieter operation, making them perfect for those seeking tranquility on the water. With built-in batteries, electric outboards offer portability and adequate horsepower. They also boast user-friendly features and minimal maintenance requirements. Although the upfront cost may be slightly higher, the return on investment is considerable. So, whether you're exploring shallow rivers or battling currents, the advantages of a small electric outboard motor outweigh the costs.

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