Takacat 260 LX

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The Ultimate Portable Inflatable Catamaran. The Takacat LX Series offers the ultimate solution for both marine professionals and recreational water enthusiasts. These inflatable catamarans are highly portable, easy to assemble, and packed with unique features that set them apart from other vessels in their class.

Whether you're into fishing, planning a day trip, or need a reliable tender for your larger boat, the Takacat Inflatable Catamarans are the perfect choice. They are lightweight, sturdy, cost-effective, and equipped with the innovative fully removable Tube Transom® system. These boats can be conveniently packed into two compact storage bags, allowing for easy storage and transportation in almost any location.

The 260LX model serves as the ideal tender for your larger watercraft. Despite its small size, it boasts robust construction and user-friendly design. Its open bow enables effortless boarding and disembarking, offering a great alternative to larger vessels. With its sleek design and compact dimensions, it also allows for hassle-free cleaning of waterlines on larger watercraft.

Spirit 1.0 Plus Electric Outboard

Powered by ePropulsion means you can access a variety of features to enhance your boating experience. For example, the display allows you to track your speed, range, and battery life, giving you a better understanding of how far you can go on a single charge. You can also use this to customize your motor's settings, adjusting the speed and power output to suit your needs.

Utilising a Takacat 260LX inflatable and an ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus outboard is a fantastic way to enjoy the water without harming the environment.

Overall Length 2.6m
Width  1.55m 
Tube Diameter  0.48m 
Boat Weight (PVC)  25kg 
Boat Weight (Hypalon)  28kg 
Rec. Outboard Engine  2.5 - 6 HP 
Max HP  8 HP 
Tube Packdown Bag Size  95 x 40 x 35cm 
Tube Bag Weight (PVC)  16kg 
Tube Bag Weight (Hypalon)  19kg 
Accessories Packdown Bag Size  100 x 30 x 30cm 
Accessory Bag Weight  9kg 
Capacity  3 people / 360kg 


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