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POD Drive 12 eSSA

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All new 12kW POD saildrive.  Equivalent in performance to ~18HP.

High Reliability

  • Improved impact resistance: Crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy and subjected to rigorous collision tests.
  • Effortless natural cooling: Pod Drive 12 eSSA cools itself by submerging in water, eliminating the need for cooling channels and the risk of blockages.
  • IP68 Rating

Space Saving

  • As it's an external pod drive, considerable space is saved where the diesel engine and tank(s) would normally be. Some of that is needed for the batteries and motor driver, but those components have more location options, giving designers the potential to include extra storage or larger cabins.

Easy to Install

Pod Drive 12 eSSA is a modular system, with separate motor and driver units. This makes it easy to install, and easier to upgrade in the future if the user's requirements change.


Equipped with a hydrogeneration function as standard, Pod Drive 12 eSSA can charge your batteries when sailing. It will start charging from around 4 knots, and can generate up to 1400 W.


The Pod Drive 12 eSSA has ePropulsion's Connectivity Service built in. This keeps you in touch with your boat's status in real time, including monitoring, reporting, and trip tracking functions.

NMEA 2000 Compatible

The NMEA 2000 interface allows integration with other multifunction displays (MFDs).

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