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G102-100 Lithium Battery 10240 Wh (96V)

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It’s time to replace your lead-acid battery with our lithium battery for huge performance improvements.

The chemistry of G102 battery is LiFePO4, which has 3 times higher energy density and 70% less weight than equivalent capacity lead acid batteries.

It has a design life of 3000 charge cycles at 80% DOD.  Comparatively, traditional lead acid batteries can only reach around 500 cycles.

The in-built intelligent battery management system (BMS) ensures maximum safety for users.  It is also protected by meta housing that is weather resistant, impact resistant and waterpoof (IP67 rating). 

The G102 battery is compatible with 96V 10kW-40kW ePropulsion motors, including the all new I-Series inboard motors.

Does not include battery charger. Charger sold separately.

Product No.: GB-102-100

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